Wednesday, December 1, 2010

FREE Christmas Wreaths!

So ever since reading Eloise at Christmastime as a child, I have had this fantasy of living in a city where all the businesses were decked out with wreaths for the holiday.

For the third year, instead of wishing it would happen, I have decided to make it happen!

If you have a business located in Worcester MA, we would like to give you a wreath! A nice green wreath with a big, fat, red bow - FREE!

All we ask is that you call or email the shop to reserve your wreath and leave us your business card when you pick it up.

Wreaths will be available for pick up from December 1 - 15.

We'd like to infect everyone with a little holiday cheer and goodwill and make this city the sparkling place of my childhood imagination!

Wreath hotline - 508-757-5300


kaleda said...

Amazing photo! I like it very much!

amn said...

GWLT signs to be decorated! Yay!

Sprout said...

Glad you enjoy the picture of Worcester's Turtle Boy! He has a web site -

And - yes - YAY for Land Trust wreathing!


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