Wednesday, November 3, 2010

You Say Potato, I Say Fall Wedding!

Fall in New England is all about weddings. Every vendor I know does more weddings in the 2 months of September and October than they usually do in all of June, July, and August, November, and December. It's just that beautiful here and if you have folks attending your wedding from out of the area, well, you just want it to look like New England in the fall.

The men's boutonnieres are an assortment of blooms in burnt orange, red, and gold - "Mango" calla, orchids, mini gerbera, spray roses, red nerine (yes, in red - yum!) with berry accents.

We were flying, so no great pics of the bouquets - these will have to do.

Great pic of delivery assistant Bonnie though! You can see how bright the colors were in the outdoors compared to the picture above inside. It was a damp and gray day though the worst of it was over before we started delivering. I do think that an overcast day makes the colors of fall really pop - they're not competing with a bright blue sky for attention!

Did the post title make you think I had lost my marbles? Potato, what's this about potatoes and what do they have to do with a wedding?! Well, if you're marrying into a potato farming family from Maine, and you let me in on that tidbit, you might find me trying to sneak potatoes into your wedding!

OK, I didn't have to actually sneak them in, but it seemed fitting to use a couple potatoes, so we put a few in each of the cocktail hour arrangements.

I said it was a gloomy day, but do you mind so much if your venue has a fireplace like this?! Zukas Hilltop Barn in Spencer seems to have all the right touches.

Um hum, potatoes! Don't know if they were from Maine (I was told NO Idaho potatoes!), but they did come from a local farm stand, so I'm hoping they were at least Mass potatoes.

Another good example of my mantra - colored linens can transform a room. I'd like to think the flowers did it, but honestly, the tablecloths take up a lot more visual space.

Simple fall galvanized pails with an interesting selection of flowers - gerbera, mini callas, pincushion protea, "Charley Brown" cymbidium orchids, grevillea foliage, hypericum berries, spray roses, and Chinese lanterns.

Quintessential New England fall! I do - say potato!!!


Royal Design Flowers & Events said...

Beautiful Cathy!

Julie said...

I agree! Absolutely stunning! But I guess I was the BRIDE afterall. Really Cathy it was everything I hoped for, you did a great job, everything was amazing and everyone loved them! Let me tell you those centerpieces didn't last long!!!

Moni said...

I love how you beautifully incorporated potato into the CP! Absolutely stunning!

Sprout said...

Glad you all enjoyed this one, especially you, Potato Bride Julie!!!!

Here's to a long and happy marriage, and a good harvest!


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