Monday, November 8, 2010

What Wedding Flowers Cost VS. Your Flower Budget

hen it comes to wedding flowers and their budget, most brides go to the consultation either unprepared or are uncomfortable talking about the money part.

There are typically two ways to approach the budget situation:

The first, and most popular, approach is to tell your florist what you would like for flowers and then let them tell you what your dream flowers would cost.

The bad thing about going this route is that everyone can waste a whole lot of time discussing and planning flowers that ultimately aren't going aren't going to work in your yet to be determined budget. You now have to rethink all of your wedding flowers ideas and shop around again.

The second approach is for you to decide how much you want to spend on flowers, and then let your florist guide you to the best options that make the most of your budget.

The upside of deciding the budget first, is that you won't have your heart broken when your dream and your wallet collide. Dented maybe, but not broken. ;-)

Easier said than done, though, right? After all, other than those Mother's Day flowers you got once and the occasional bunch from the grocery store, you really don't have much to go on as far a planning your wedding flower budget goes.

Well, this is where Sprout turns it all on its head!

Our initial consultation is the Quick Quote. This first, short, meeting is strictly about budget planning. We plug some numbers into a spread sheet for you and come up with 3 different budgets based on Standard, Superior, or Luxury blooms.

Now, we know everyone wants to talk about the pretty part when it comes to wedding flowers, but the money part is just as critical as which flowers you like.

Think of wedding flowers as a 3 legged stool:
Leg #1 - color scheme
Leg #2 - design style
Leg #3 - budget

Without giving some thought to the budget, it's nearly impossible to discuss which flowers will work best. Without all 3 legs, you've got a stool that won't stand.

We hope that by doing the Quick Quote first, we arm you with some valuable information to help you plan out your budget so that we can make the most of the Design Meeting!


Thea, Rose of Sharon Event Florist said...

Great idea! Can I steal it? I think many of my clients would appreciate this approach!

Sprout said...

Feel free! More details in the Wedding Consultations tab at the top of the page.

So far no one seems put off by it yet. I think folks are desperate for some guidance, something more useful than the "10% of your budget for flowers" mantra the bridal mags tell them.

Moni said...

My favorite article so far! I used this approach with florists and I have been happy with the results. I am getting quotes that fit my budget needs.


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