Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Library Themed Corporate Event

Sometimes your best ideas are the simplest ones. Remember making accordion fans in grammar school? Well, here they are the jumping off point for giving life to a library themed event.

Accordion fans from pages of a book....turned into flowers!

Only one book was harmed in the process - yes, it was chosen from the Sprout recycle-a-book-shelves because it seemed least likely to be read again and for the "vintage" patina its pages had.

We glued the paper flowers to flocked mitsumata branches so they would stand out of the arrangements.

The book flowers really stood out in the smaller arrangements...

...but were equally effective in the larger pieces.

Don't you need to make some of these, like right now?! Maybe to put on gifts or in your Christmas tree?!!

Or maybe to grace your lapel, or hair...or bookcase!

Where would you put book flowers?!


Nicole said...

Everyone at the library board meeting was singing your praises!

Sprout said...

I have a soft sport for librarians and books - thank you Mrs. Daniels, Mrs. Coffin, and Mrs. Harding of the Gale Free Library!

Connie Chandler said...

This would be a cool way to add scripture passages to sympathy arrangements - I have access to a lot of old hymnals. Thanks for the great idea!

Sprout said...

Old hymnals, old bibles or prayer books - those would all be great in sympathy work! Post pics on FC if you do it!


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