Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cirque du Noir Workshop

We held our second workshop for Cirque du Noir, which is a fundraiser for the Worcester County Food Bank, and helped a fun crowd of people get black and crafty!

The creative juices flowing...!

Ecclectic supplies plus our fresh flower selection to work with.

The eyes have it, because what's a fabulous black outfit without a great purse?!

Love the disected red ginger and leucodendron petals on this mask! No fear here in tearing up the flowers!!

Some folks found eyecatching inspiration!

A fabulous feathered and floral accessory...

...and a most fashion forward witch chapeau!

Not every natural beauty has to stay its natural color! A daisy pom, a little silver paint, and now it's a vintage looking bloom - I think my mom had a pin like this.

Beneath the black veil there lies a little black magic!

Got lots of great feedback on how much everyone enjoyed the workshop - thank you all so much! You all looked fabulous and bewitching!!!

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