Friday, October 1, 2010

Bat Flower!

With the month of October we enter the time of changing seasons, Halloween, and Cirque du Noir magic (put October 24 on your calendar!), so it feels very appropriate to introduce you to the mysterious bat flower!

I don't know if it's a new flower or just new to me, but I had never seen it before this week. Where was it during prom season?! Would have been perfect for all those Rebel Prom Profile types!

Anyhow, it has these long threadlike "whiskers" and petals that resemble bat wings with a fabric quality - like a millinery flower. Decidedly gothic.

It's not an orchid, though it gives them a run for their money, doesn't it? It's actually in the yam family. Who would have guessed?

They were quite pricey, I guess they're only in season briefly so limited supply and slow production raise the price. I'd have to sell them for - you better sit down - $40 a blossom. Smelling salts?

I think that puts them at the single most expensive individual bloom I've ever encountered.

So, two questions:

Beautiful or no?

And, what price beauty?


My Enchanted Florist said...

Beautiful? mmmmm maybe. But how long does the bloom last? Will a client get their $40 worth?

Sprout said...

Not sure of the longevity...but if the client is all about unique, perhaps that doesn't matter to everyone?


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