Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Sprout Cleans House!

Ten years of business has left us with quite an accumulation of stuff, so we're having a yard sale. This Saturday, 9/11, 9-3pm. Tons of terra cotta flower pots, vases, ribbon, table cloths, scientific glassware (you know beakers and stuff - very cool for a mad scientist Halloween party!), Tibetan prayer flags (long strings of them), 10 foot tall white branches perfect for Christmas decorating...

Who knows what else we'll unearth! Come down, make me an offer, don't make me put perfectly good stuff in the dumpster. And don't forget our bookcase full of used books, free for the taking, every day of the week.

We need to make room for the next decade's worth of stuff!

1 comment:

Sprout said...

Stuff is GONE - gone! Only a few items left to donate to Goodwill. Thanks for helping us clean house!!!


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