Monday, September 6, 2010

Winery Wedding - Grape, Raspberry, and Apple

One of my favorite weddings of the summer was for the sister of a previous bride! It's so lovely to be asked to do another wedding in the same family. Now, we just need to still be here for the next generation (not that I'm rushing...)!

Our bride wanted to use bright summer tones in grape purple, raspberry, and apple green. There were so many great flowers to pick from the week of this wedding, I'm so glad this bride was pretty relaxed and let me go to town and chose the blooms that would best fit her casual meadow look in her color scheme.

There were fat asters in pink and purple, raspberry roses, zinnias, and gomphrena, purple bee balm, apple green lady's mantle, hydrangea and zinnias, lots of herbs like oregano adding great scent to the bouquet, quaking oats (which of course sets me to wondering if Quaker Oats are really Quaker at all, or just some farming pun), and woodsy ferns from Australia.

Oh, yes, and that "brainy" looking flower - that's cockscomb (like cock-a-doodle-doo) celosia!

The moms had tiny nosegays with herbs, (very apropos for a nosegay, since they were all about keeping bad odors away), freesia, bouvardia, and gomphrena.

The guys boutonnieres were apple green orchids with a touch of purple seafoam statice and more of that delicate fern. (Note to self - look for your feet when taking pics on a glass table.)

The maids' were just smaller versions of the bride's bouquet. If you asked me I would never say my taste was summer country meadow, but I really love this look!

The beauty of flowers - you don't ever have to commit to having one look in flowers that's "your look." OK, maybe you want to narrow it down to one look for your wedding, but no one says you have to have only that style forever, or even the next week!

So for one week - my style - summer country meadow. :-)

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