Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wedding Consultations

So I spent a little time spiffying up the consultation area recently. There are some fabulous new wedding accessories like the pearl and rhinestone buckles in the above picture! You need to see them in person to appreciate how they can add a special touch to your wedding bouquet. We've also featured them in corsages for unique and less traditional looks.

Put together a nice display of all of our satin ribbons for wrapping the stems of bouquets. I have to be honest, this display was as much for me as for my clients - I had no idea we had so many different colors! Now they are all right at my fingertips.

A few more accessories to add some bling and elegance to your bouquets are up on the wall and we've added a digital photo frame so you can watch a slide show of our work instead of flipping through the albums!

Since getting the digital camera I've stopped printing photos - doh! So while we still have the old albums kicking around somewhere if you really want to turn pages, the most recent work is all in digital form.

Small improvements, little by little! What else would you like to see in a consultation space?!

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