Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Top 10 Ways Sprout Differs From Other Flower Shops!

Number 8:

We are wire service free! In this day and age with the internet and credit cards you can - gasp - talk directly with a florist in another part of the country, get exactly what you want, and save money by cutting out the middleman.


Tracy Novick said...

Do you make recommendations for who might be good somewhere else, by chance? Yes, you can do this, but one doesn't necessarily have a 'feel' for that florist like we do for our local ones. Any tips for picking well?

Sprout said...

My best suggestion is to always speak directly with the florist and ask - "What's the most interesting flower you have in the shop today?"

You know what types of flowers you find interesting and how they respond should give you clues as to whether they're your kind of shop.

If you like tropicals and they say they have birds of paradise and orchids, then perhaps it's worth continuing the conversation.

Same deal with garden flowers - if they have 4 types of hydrangeas and peonies or dahlias, maybe they're the one for you!

Tracy Novick said...

Thank you!

Sprout said...

Any time!


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