Friday, September 3, 2010

Textures: Busy, Woven, Wooly - AIFD

More from this summer's AIFD (American Institute of Floral Designers) Symposium. Here we explore textures. The first few pics are of very busy textures - so much going on it's hard to break it down!

The top photo features straw, of all things. You can see it bound together with wire into a long rope that is snaked through the design. And little straw bits are linked with wire to make this delicate, almost messy, geez, I don't even know what to call it. It's not really a garland, well, if you look, you can see how it adds a whole lot texture-wise to the other flowers!

Orchids, callas, and pepperberries, are woven through a net of branches, layer upon layer. Very busy and intricate work here.

OK, did I say the above picture was busy?! This is busy!!!

Another piece filled to the brim with busy textures! Loops and grasses and wire and branches - oh my! All forming this fabulous chandelier structure.

Here we have a lovely woven piece - so controlled and organized compared to the one above. Again, if you look closely, you can see straw wired into snakes which are then woven around the edges of this spidery design.

Orchids woven through a wire structure to create one amazing bridal bouquet!

Several kinds of wire woven into ribbon-like strips...

...or in this case woven into petal and leaf shapes.

This work shows the latest in materials coming out of Europe - strands of wool! This designer braided and coiled the stuff to make an awesome shoulder bag accented with wire and orchid blossoms.

And if that wasn't intricate enough for you, how about this purse made from lots and lots of wooly coils!?

And since wool texture isn't enough on its own and since this event was all about flowers - check out the funky wire florets mixed with orchid flowers!

Nothing sleek and smooth or streamlined in this post! What do you think? Too many textures, too much to absorb? Too much work?!

Or do you get all warm and fuzzy thinking about the tactile possibilities?

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Lexi said...

wow! I love your work!! Some of your designs are very Wally Klett-esque. Check her out if you dont know her, an amazing European designer!

pop by my blog,

:) x


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