Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sprout's 10th Birthday Party!

We had an amazing party!!!!

This post will give those of you who couldn't make the party, a chance to see what you missed. We decided we really wanted to knock your socks off from the road, so we went all out on the exterior decor.

Flocked branches from the Netherlands are the framework of the design. Almost could have stopped right there, the effect was so colorful, but, well, we are a flower shop...

The lovely Kae-os weaving stems of orchids and tropical greens while I get down off the ladder and run around and take pictures.

Then I ran around and got more flowers, because in the midst of the party, we were slammed with funeral work. A party. Two funerals. Life goes on.

The finished effect. Hope you loved it as much as we did!!!

Some detail shots - love those phalaenopsis orchids! We had them in 3 colors. Few things have that beautiful arched drapey effect.

Criss cross of flocked sticks with orchids...

More party posts to come - Yeah!


Urbanstems said...

Fab flower work. THe colours were amazing. COngrats and Happy Anniversary too!

Tina Z said...

It makes me smile everyday when I drive by. So glad to see it surviving :)

Mayesh International said...

Awesome decor. A toast.... I wish you ten more fab years.

Sprout said...

Thank you all! It was as much fun to do I think as to look at!


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