Friday, September 10, 2010

Hot Pink & Lime Green Wedding

Bridal bouquet for a bright and simple outdoor wedding at Wachusett Mountain in Princeton MA.

This wedding was color and budget focused with a bride who was easy to please. Her bouquet used several types of hot pink roses, including the miniature spray roses from California. I'm fairly obsessed with those right now as the colors are phenomenal and they have such a great shape to them. Also some bouvardia and a little lime green color hit from "Athos" chrysanthemums.

The maids' bouquets were similar but with light pink bouvardia, a touch more lime green in the form of baby green hydrangeas, and some big happy gerbera.

Pretty maids all in a row - packed to go!


Joe said...

Beautiful designs and ambiance created. Great info at client's fingertips. Incredible to take that initiative and make their lives (and ours!) much easier!

Urbanstems said...

These are amazing. The colours are gorgeous. I just love hot pink. Sinead


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