Monday, August 30, 2010

Two Brides, Two Bouquets

We recently had a wedding with two brides. Only one had her outfit at our meeting and the wedding was only a few short weeks away, so I was trying to get a feel for whether they were going for a matching look or two different looks, and was told unequivocally that they were definitely NOT going to match. Wish I could repeat exactly what was said, because it was hysterical, but some might take offense!

So, non-matching bouquets it was! One bride had a more tailored gown and really loved callas. So we kept her bouquet simple with mini callas and white dendrobium orchids.

Glassy dark green ti leaf collar and variegated lily grass loops to finish it off.

Our other bride had a strong preference for all things girly and feminine, so hydrangeas, garden roses, dahlias, and freesia fit the bill.

And just so there would be one small element tying the two looks together, we gave her lily grass as well, but tied it in little love knots!


armcandii said...

Both so pretty!

Sprout said...

The bride with the girlie bouquet told me latter than while she loved her bouquet, she had a little twinge of "bouquet envy"! LOL!


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