Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sprout Wedding Consultations

Planning your wedding flowers should be an enjoyable part of getting married, but for many brides it can be a struggle.

More than likely you've never planned an event as large as a wedding before. Your florist, myself included, bombards you with so many questions about every little detail that it's easy to become overwhelmed.

And the most difficult detail for many couples, and the most critical detail for your florist, is - yes, I'm going to use the "B" word - BUDGET.

It's nearly impossible to discuss wedding flowers without some sense of what the ultimate flower budget is. The old school way of selling wedding flowers was to sell the bride the dream. Create her fantasy wedding and she will surely find a way to pay for it.

Well, that's just not how it is or should be any more. The bride of today is busier, better informed, and has no time to waste, so to better serve her, we have refined our wedding consultation process into a new and unique 3 step process.

Step 1: The Quick Quote

At Sprout, we want to take the mystery our of the money. At your Quick Quote we will talk dollars and sense to better prepare you for your design meeting.

We know how challenging it can be to plan a wedding in this day and age and it makes no sense for us to discus your budget last.

We recommend doing the Quick Quote as early as possible in your planning stages. The Quick Quote is strictly a budget planning tool so be prepared to talk about the number of floral items you will need for your wedding. Don't worry about design or color schemes, as they will be discussed in Step 2.

The Quick Quote should take no more than 30 minutes.

Step 2: Design Development

Once you're gotten your Quick Quote, it's time to make an appointment for your Design Development meeting. This meeting will be scheduled within the 6 month period before your wedding.

Twenty years of experience has shown us that this 6 month time frame is optimal for discussing flowers as all of the other major decisions have been made - venue rented, dresses purchased, menu chosen. This allows us to give you the best advice on how to complement all parts of your wedding with flowers.

At this meeting we will discuss all of the floral design details in your wedding - color schemes, specific flowers, and design styles.

Please bring:
  • photos of your gown and your maids' dresses
  • fabric swatches for both
  • pictures of flowers you like
  • any other elements that set the style for your wedding such as invitations or favors.
You should expect your Design Development meeting to take from 1 - 2 hours.

Step 3: Review

A third and final Review meeting will be scheduled 4 weeks before your wedding date.

At The Review, we will:
  • finalize any remaining details
  • get the table count
  • go over the delivery and installation locations and time line
  • see a sample centerpiece if necessary
You should expect The Review to take approximately 30 - 45 minutes.

It is our sincere hope that by dealing with the budget up front, we are able to guide you to making the best floral choices for your wedding day and your wedding budget!


Peppertree Floral and Events said...

Do you find that brides book you after your quick quote? or do they wait until after the design meeting?

Sprout said...

We'll find out! I just started this.

What I do know is this - from the recent poll on my blog, fully 80% of brides surveyed said that they are planning on spending less than 10% of their wedding budget on flowers.

From a survey on the blog last year - I found that the price is the number one deciding factor in choosing a florist for almost 40% of respondants.

With these 2 pieces of information I have concluded that it makes no sense to discuss money last.

I'll keep you posted on how it goes, but I expect it will take a year before I reach a conclusion. Unless it tanks fast! ;-)


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