Friday, August 20, 2010

Recycled - AIFD Symposium

This wasn't a huge trend, but a smaller one that I spotted at last month's Institute of American Floral Designers annual symposium. Recycled.

This network of white loops is made from the plastic strapping that comes around cases of flowers - how cool is that?! I never would have thought to repurpose that stuff. I'm always trying to scoop it off the floor before someone trips on it!

Next up - a sphere made from those same cases of flowers - in some of my other pictures of this piece, you can see the writing on the boxes. Most flower shops get a lot of cardboard. This is a super creative way to deal with it.

And what about this pair of floral arrangements? You're probably thinking it's the pedestals that are made out of recycled materials. Well, you'd be wrong! Look very closely at the top half, the flower portion - see that tan stuff that looks like it might be bark or some kind of honeycomb...?

Well, here it is up close - more packing materials! This honeycomb paper is used to pack some kinds of fragile items for shipping. LOVE this! It's great to recycle, but it has to work as a design element too, and this certainly does. I can't think of any floral item that would do what this brown paper did in the arrangement.

Recycle - Rethink!


Linda said...

The honeycomb paper is simply brilliant! I have some of this paper out in my garage and I am going to try this for myself. Thanks so much for sharing.I wish you were closer to the North Shore of Boston----such inspiration! Any chance of opening up a satellite location----would LOVE to work with you!

Sprout said...

I just got some in white last week - I'm thinking snow...!

Thanks so much Linda! No plans for a Sprout2, one is all I can manage!

skowood said...

yes more recycling!


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