Thursday, August 5, 2010

Recycle Your Books at Sprout!

We've set up some bookshelves at the front of the shop for an informal book swap. At the moment it's a lot of historical mysteries and novels, because that's what I read. If anyone wants to start the Michael Jecks Templar Knight series, I have the first 18 books!

There are also some cookbooks, some history, maybe some sci fi/fantasy. There's a comfy chair for while you peruse - just don't let the agave poke you in the eye! (I really need to move it...)

Husband and I like to read, we're pretty sure you like to read as well! Here's a way we can all recycle a few books and pick up a couple new ones, maybe discover a new author or genre. It's so much easier to take a chance when there's no monetary investment!

So feel free to bring a book or take a book!

PS We did move the agave, so bring your reading glasses, not your safety glasses. 8-)


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