Thursday, August 12, 2010

AIFD Symposium - Wired!

I'm behind in the blogging, yet again, but here we go - back to posting about the American Institute of Floral Design annual symposium!

Wire, wire every where! Wire of all types is still very hot. Above you can see larger gauge wire making a loopy net over the flowers, while a lighter gauge is used to bind the grasses poking through.

Wire was used like a textile in several things, woven, almost matted or felted to create a thick, sparkly, bendy swath.

Several sizes of wire forming ribbon like bands through this piece.

Nesty wire...

Wire loops, spheres, wire bindings...

The latest flat wire swirls around a piece that has tiny wire ball accents.

More spheres and flourishes!

Heavy wire binding the hypericum berry stems and hardware cloth, wire screening around the vase on the right - LOVE!

Wire used in an almost jewelry like manner...

More wire from the hardware store - tomato cages!

Wire blooms mixed with real...

This wire has been crocheted, yes, you read that correctly - crocheted - into discs which were then sewn together to form this gorgeous network for the flowers. Who knew those skills you picked up in the 70's would be so useful now? You did learn to crochet once, a long time ago, didn't you?

And finally, blooms impaled on wire!

How are you wired?!

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