Thursday, June 17, 2010

Water and Your Bouquet

We sell a lot of cut flower bouquets and are asked almost daily - "How long can my flowers be out of water?"

Well, ideally, we'd really like them to go straight from the shop into a vase of water. There's no substitute for a big drink of H2O. Think of flowers like the fresh parsley you get at the grocery store - how sad will it look if you decided to just let it lie there on your kitchen counter without any water?

But sometimes you're driving 3 hours to New York state and you really want to bring Sprout flowers with you, or you'll be sitting at your niece's dance recital for 2 hours with flowers in your lap, well what then?

Water tubes are bulky, awkward, not every flower stem fits them, and they'll leak if you lie them down across your car or theater seat.

I recently ran across a product that's new to me (see picture above). It's a special water absorbing foam that you wrap around the stem ends, and then that is covered with a plastic bag to keep the moisture in. Sure it's like a glorified version of you mother's classic wet paper towels and baggie, but it's a neater presentation.

What do you think? Should I get this for the shop?! You can't use this for overnight, really, get those flowers to a vase! But it would be good for some occasions.

And here's the thing - would you pay extra for this? It's not cheap enough to absorb the cost, we'd have to charge extra for it. Not a lot, maybe $2.00 tops. You might be thinking for a couple bucks I should really roll it into the price of the flowers, except not everyone will want or need this product and I don't believe those who don't need it should subsidise the cost for those who do. I really don't want to raise the price of the flowers. I like to keep my cut flower prices fair.

Would you still go for it if you had to pay extra for it?


kid-rolla said...

You're right about your flower prices beind fair, it's on of the things I love about them and you. But 2 bucks is fair too for the water stuff, maybe a trial run? I think it seems like a great idea.

Moni said...

$2 is fair and it is a nice option to give to customers instead of including it in the cost of flowers. As a bride and flower lover, I say YES for the sake of the blooms.

Sprout said...

Thanks for the input guys! When I have a minute, I'll order a package and we can try them out. It's getting hotter every day, so summer would be the best time to test them. :-)

chathamflorist said...

We have them at our shop.
I jut ask the customer how long their bouquet will be out of water. If it's longer than a couple hours, I say "I'll put a wrap on it for $2"
No one has ever objected because they want their flowers to last.
Chantelle (lil_goldie)


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