Monday, June 28, 2010

Greening the Mean Streets of Worcester - Guerrilla Gardening and the Turtle Boy

Today I am proud of my fellow Worcesterites. Today instead of whining, they said "Yes". Today instead of sitting on their behinds, they got up and did something.

My friend Claudia, lover of all things Worcester, and especially of all things Turtle Boy, helped organize and mobilize a group of people to weed Worcester's beloved, reviled, and ignored Turtle Boy statue.

As you can see from the picture above, there were more weeds than flowers with some of the weeds taller than the plantings. A truly sad sight, right in the middle of our downtown area.

This was the first casualty in the War Against Weeds - the Giant Dandelion. It was sacrificed as an example to the other weeds.

It was hot and humid but no one bailed out, we made a lot of progress.

It took 15 people 2 hours, that's 30 man hours - thank goodness we had such a good turnout, because the cliche about many hands making the work light is so true!!!

In the weeds!

OK, so we're pretty sure this is a weed, but we kept them anyhow because they were kind of pretty with white trumpet shaped blooms. Anyone know what it is???

I got to meet some people I only know virtually as well as some folks I had no prior acquaintance with at all. It was awesome to see so many come together to make one little corner of Worcester look respectable!

We were even serenaded with an original Turtle Boy song!!!!

Worcester's finest came and gave us a hand with hazardous waste disposal.

The mulch brigade!

The Turtle Boy could still use some help with additional weeding later in the summer, and a plan for more plants at some point, but right now getting out the weeds and putting down some mulch has made a great improvement!

Those of you who would like to know more about Turtle Boy, can check out his web site or find him on Facebook.

Whether you call it guerrilla gardening or civic pride, know that you can do it, you can make a difference on your street corner.

Today I am proud of my fellow Worcesterites.
Today was a good day!


Claudia Snell said...

You are so completely awesome!

Sprout said...

Back at you lady!

Hannah said...

Excellent post! Nice pictures. Wish I became aware of what was going on so I could have participated.

Sprout said...

Hannah, it all happened very quickly on Facebook. For future events, follow the Turtle Boy on Facebook or his website - we can always use more hands!

Tina Z said...

You guys all rock! Had my entire family not been at my house I would have been in the weeds with you. I plan on being part of this next time. Thank you ALL!

flwrjane said...

That's a datura? Slightly poisonous but beautiful.. how can you have a datura?

The newly weeded garden looks fabulous.

Now will you all come to my house? Been too hot to work in yard for past 2 Sundays. Bad.


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