Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Greening the Mean Streets of Worcester - Storefront Planters

Bought 3 new planters for the front of the shop. I decided to go with a fiberglass type thing as opposed to the zinc like the already existing square planters.

I learned the hard way that the zinc planters, while very cool looking, are easily dented and crushed by the bored for their amusement. After they've been crushed a few times, the metal seams start to give way and you're left with some very sharp edges. I hope these last longer than the year and a half I got out of previous planters.

I've also learned that you need to make any public planters darn heavy if you don't want them tipped over for fun or worse, spirited away. I hope these are big and heavy enough.

So I'm going for a lime green with red and purple thing here. I'm rather liking it! What do you think? The colors are pretty strong in the late day sun.

I know I've got the planters over stuffed, and even though my low life situation has improved, I'm still betting that folks with time on their hands will pick and pull at the plants, so I decided to over compensate in advance.

I'd still like some magical plant that stains or gives the person who picks it a rash so I can ID the culprit/s. I'll keep you posted!

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