Monday, June 7, 2010

Greening the Mean Streets of Worcester

Picked up a few plants and some new planters to brighten up the sidewalk and storefront. We've been having good luck so far with the additional police attention keeping the unsavory elements from in front of the shop, so I'm slightly hopeful that they will leave my plants alone this year. Not stupidly optimistic, but a little hopeful.

You know I have a thing for lime green, and sweet potato does especially well for me, but I'm trying to mix it up this year by adding some reds and purples for contrast.

Now I just need a day without killer humidity to get the planting done! I have been absolutely wilting lately as it has been beyond steamy. This kind of weather saps the life out of me and leaves me one cranky lady. My arms stick to my desk as I type - bleh.

I also got some cannas (forgot to photograph them though) with striped foliage as a focal point for each of the 3 new pots. Any thoughts or tips before I start planting?!

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