Monday, June 14, 2010

Flower Trends - Another Rose for the Collection

What do you think of this rose, "Silvery Pink"? Kind of a pink, gray, lavender in the center with hot pink tips at the outer edges and guard petals.

Roses tend to be trendy, and what is in right now, might go out of style in a few years. Rose varieties are replaced all the time with new faves, very trend conscious. There are quite a few roses at the moment in what I would call "off" tones, colors that are kind of beigey, gray, antique, vintage tones.

I can pretty much guarantee that if you choose one of these for your wedding in 2010, that by your 10th anniversary, it will have gone out of fashion and not be available any more.

Anyone remember when "Sonia" was the favorite peach rose? Maybe it was the favorite because it was the only peach rose, I don't know. And then it was replaced with "Osiana"? "Osiana" was a completely different shade of peach, much lighter without the salmon tones, but it wowed with size. What are you buying for peach now? I like "Femma", but it's small. "Versillia" for a larger head. And if I can lay my hands on some David Austin roses, then it's "Juliet" for me! So many options, changing from week to week, I can't even pick one.

And how about the fragrant lavender "Sterling Silver" roses? Haven't seen those as a cut flower in forever. What was its replacement, "Bluebird"? Now we might buy "Cool Water" if we're looking for a lavender. Neither of them have the lovely scent of "Sterling Silver", but we've traded off scent for longevity. The "Sterling Silver" lasted a minute and a half, while you'll get at least a week or more out of the "Cool Water".

Commercial flower growing is always evolving...what flower do you remember that you can't find any more?!


Shannon said...

Candy Bianca and Sahara is starting to get hard to find. Remember Bridal White roses? A really pretty shade of warm ivory but small head and short vase life. But back in the day we didn't have the EC roses.

Sprout said...

Bridal White was a really nice rose. Can't remember how long it's been since I've seen one though.

Everything really did change with the proliferation of South American roses, didn't it?

Remember getting cases of Columbian roses with holes in them from being spiked by customs looking for drugs?!


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