Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Els Teunissen - Workshop, Art in Bloom

Took a workshop with the internationally famous floral designer Els Teunissen at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts Art in Bloom event. Signed up for this without being able to get any details on what we would be doing, so I was taking a chance.

I was pretty psyched when I saw the floral materials we would be using, above.

Then glass test tubes, bindwire (the new trendy paper covered wire), and a custom made wreath ring were distributed.

We wired on the test tubes. This was the least interesting and most tedious bit of the project. I don't think they planned on how long it would take some of the group to do this part, because the rest of the class was a little rushed.

Then we wove curly willow tips around the tubes followed by some mini callas, although these were super long for minis!

We had spiffy "Cherry Brandy" roses and red gerbera to add to the test tubes, and more woven materials in the form of ivy, flax leaves, and green amaranth.

Everyone had to scramble a bit at the end to get their wreath done before the museum kicked us out! Lots of variation from arrangement to arrangement as each person put their own spin on the concept.

What do you think, would you want to take a class like this?

More importantly - does anyone need a curly willow and test tube wreath frame?! Mine will probably be at the next Sprout yard sale - love the concept, but it's too much for apartment living!


Moni said...

I guess it would depend on how much the class cost! I need a beginners class though. BTW Love the results!

Kynda said...

I think that would be gorgeous at Christmas. . . congratulations on the florists' review feature!


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