Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Keep your eye on the vase with the white crystal tree in the background of this picture...

Check it out now. Hmmmm...yes, does that vase look like it's in two pieces to you?

Sticks, crystals, and beads flew, but luckily not into anyone or anything other than one small picture frame which got its glass smashed out. And we're very lucky that this didn't happen out on a job as we've rented this crystal tree before and had plans for renting it again.

So how does a glass vase split spontaneously into two pieces, two pieces with no broken glass or jagged edges what-so-ever? Excellent question!

Um, yeah, so here's what was holding that vase together - a very thin layer of GLUE. It actually feels like hot glue, not even some kind of epoxy.

Word to the wise - what looks like one large piece of glass might be held together with a thin layer of glue. Even though this vase has been on display in my shop for 6 months now, I'll be bringing it back. I don't expect a refund, but I hope my vendor will closely examine what he's selling.

As will I.

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