Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Art in Bloom 2010 - Museum of Fine Arts Boston

This year at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts Art in Bloom event, I not only went to a demo, but also took a workshop, so I had only a minimal amount of time to go through the galleries and because of that this post is not going to be as comprehensive as last year's - but I hope you'll still enjoy!

First picture above -
"Chicago" - New Meadows Garden Club of Topsfield, Topsfield MA

Below, not a piece with an artwork, but a display in the cafe, by Floral Jewels, Boxford MA.

Are you loving it as much as I am now that you see the detail?! I wonder how they kept their pasta from going limp in wet floral foam????

"Young Sheperdess" - Belmont Garden Club, Belmont MA

"Peacock" - Andover Garden Club, Andover MA

"Reclining Nude" - Acton Garden Club, Acton MA

'Venus" - Chicatabot Garden Club, Dover MA

Detail of "Venus" - love the black lotus pods tucked for depth and texture!

"Falling Gladiator" - Wellesley Garden Study Club, Wellesley MA

I like that this arrangement is not a literal interpretation of the gladiator - "Oh look, there's his bent arm, here's his leg." It's more of a setting for him. And the best part is the use of, what else - gladiolas! The flower with the sword shaped leaves, named for gladiators. Also, the sword shaped leaves from sanseveiria are a great reference to the gladiator's job. :-)

"Fruit and Jug" - Country Garden Club of Weston, Weston MA

This is what I would call a more literal interpretation, but it's a great one!

Not a good photo, but check out the bowl balanced on a glass cube filled with stones, the paveed begonia leaves up front, and those colored blocks of floral foam - great reference to cubism!

"Aristide Bruant in His Cabaret" - Spade and Trowel Garden Club, Andover MA

Notice in this detail that the flowers that looked black in the first photo, are really purple. And not only that, they are carnations! I don't know how anyone can turn up their nose at carnations when you can get ones like these from Florigene. Yes, genetically altered flowers! Looks like gene splicing might be the only way to get a blue carnation or blue rose and I believe these carnations are one step in reaching that goal.

Public piece by Twig of Boston MA.

Pretty cool structurally! Wonder how many times they had to refill all those water tubes over 4 or 5 days...!

"The Rich Soil Down There" - Evening Garden Club of Plymouth, Plymouth MA

This might be my favorite out of the works I managed to see in my quick trip around a few parts of the museum. How simple, how graphic. Plates, flowers, stand.

Love it!

Sorry I didn't have time to bring you more sights from the Museum of Fine Arts this year, but it's just as well, look how long it took for me to get this post up!


Twigs said...

thanks for the wonderful eye candy first thing in the morning. What a treat!Your comments about each design helped me see things I would have probably missed.

Brandon said...

This article is great!


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