Thursday, May 20, 2010

Woodland Wedding - Harrington Farm, Princeton MA

I don't think there wasn't a person in the shop who didn't love the look of this wedding! I heard more people say - "When I get married I'd like flowers like these..." and "If I were getting married again..." Not sure if it was the color scheme or the woodland look that did it for everyone. It could well be the unusually fabulous weather we were having that week put everyone in a glorious and wedding-y mood!

The bride and groom wanted a woodsy, magical, almost elven look to their wedding in the cool hues of of purple, blue, and green.

The bride's bouquet had a fabulous mix of spring bulb flowers like hyacinths, checkered fritillary, and scilla, wedding classics like hydrangea and roses, and rustic textures with thistles and Australian ferns.

Here's a better look at the checkered fritillary. They look like some kind of hat for Tinkerbell. Such a dainty and unusual bulb flower with a very short season only a couple weeks long!

The centerpieces continued the theme with an extra touch of birch bark wrapped around the vases.

Even the grounds at Harrington Farm cooperated with the color scheme and theme!

The cake, which needed no help from me, is the finishing touch on this woodland whimsy wedding!

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