Friday, May 21, 2010

Prom - Even MORE Wrist Corsages!

Prom season is getting closer to the end, but I found a few more pics to share. The wrist corsage above is a classic with red roses and the rhinestone bracelet, but with an asymmetrical spray of sparkly ribbon giving it a little flair.

The next 3 wrist corsages are variations on a theme. We find many, many of our clients want white flowers, feeling that they are the safest choice, particularly when they may be a little unsure of the dress's exact color. No one wants clashing flowers. We then try to pull in some color with the ribbon choice.

This black and white boutonniere and wrist corsage combo was brightened up with a small hit of trendy zebra ribbon. We definitely saw some animal prints showing up this season!

Here we have swirly loops of purple ribbon and white orchids to go with a purple dress. Many folks like to see a pale flower contrasted against the darker dress color, to really make the flowers pop out.

If you have any prom pics of yourself with your Sprout flowers, we'd love to see them posted to our Sprout Facebook page! We love seeing the flowers in action!

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