Monday, April 12, 2010

Sometimes the Bride Picks Up Her Own Bouquet!

Manicure - check!
Wedding hair and makeup - check!
Italian grinder to eat in the car, so you won't starve - check!
Pick up bouquet - check!
Get married - double check!!


Nichole Campbell said...

Too cute! Better the bride took care of it herself! For our wedding this past weekend, the groom wanted to reduce the total budget by picking up the flowers. Bride said fine, but you're in charge of that. He was supposed to be to our shop by 11:30 to get to the church on time. At 11:45 I called the bride. He was already at the church (a half an hour away)and had totally forgot! Fortunately the bride had friends that hadn't left yet, and they came and got them! Or we were going to be headed out on an unexpected delivery! I don't think the groom will ever live that down! Forgetting to pick up the wedding flowers...that's one from the "honey do list" you don't want to forget!

Sprout said...

We had that happen a couple summers ago when the groom as in charge of picking the flowers up. He lived a half mile from the shop too!

He called us from the venue which was an hour away, one hour before the ceremony. There was no way I could get there because I had another event to deliver, which was the reason they had to pick up to begin with.

So I found a friend with a lead foot and told the groom to stall and get cash from his friends to pay her or he'd have no flowers. It all turned out, but what if my friend hadn't been available? My shop was 5 minutes from being locked up when he called - whew!


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