Monday, April 5, 2010

Prom Flowers - Wrist Corsages

Managed to get a few quick shots of some of the wrist corsages we did last week for the first prom of the season. I usually think to do this after the fact, so I'm pretty happy I thought of it this time before we sealed the flowers in bags!

First up, purple stock blossoms, with lavender roses, and white waxflower on a silver bracelet. Complimentary white rose boutonniere with a purple stock blossom accent. This look is pretty classic and fits the ROMANTIC Prom Profile.

OK, I think this might be my favorite wrister from last week - the girl ordered a red tulip boutonniere first and then the guy came in with a pic of her dress which was super helpful. The gown was white with a loose and modern black floral print, so we thought the licorice gum drop bracelet was the perfect match and red roses and tulips since we already knew she liked red flowers. I also used a touch of black and white animal print ribbon to play off the dress pattern.

This wrist corsage was done to go with the GYPSY Prom Profile. You'll notice the design is not symmetrical like the other more traditional corsages, with the ribbon flying off to one side, and we got a little more creative with flowers which are composed of white orchids blossoms with sweet black and white ornithogalum arabicum (sorry, no better name for that!) flowers in the centers. Nope, you won't find those flowers growing anywhere, as I just made them up special for this order!

Another black and red wrist corsage on the licorice gum drop bracelet, this time all red roses though.

If you're interested in finding your Prom Profile, grab a friend and come down to the shop and take our short little quiz. In just a couple minutes we can tell you your prom style and then we can custom create flowers just for you!


Nichole Campbell said...

Love the arabicum in that corsage! I've also heard it called black-eyed star of bethlehem, but really, is that any improvement??

Sprout said...

I've also seen it referred to as Arab Eyes, some British web site somewhere...but that seems like it could be taken negatively...

Maybe we should name it!!!


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