Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Prom Flowers - Boutonnieres

I'm noticing a trend this year of the girls making the guy's boutonnieres just as special as their flowers, with ribbon or colored wire wrapped stems, and accent flowers. This red tipped white rose was customized with a stem wrap of pearl wire.

You'll notice the boutonniere in the top photo has a couple pins for attaching it to the guy's tux lapel. Well there are other less tricky options for getting the boutonniere to stay in place like the EZ Pin, shown in the picture above.

Two prongs with a rubber stopper, take all the fiddling out of pinning on a man's lapel flower which is especially helpful if you haven't done it before. An extra $4 to upgrade your boutonniere to the foolproof EZ Pin, well worth it!

(Actually, it makes pinning on a boutonniere a whole lot easier even if you have tons of experience pinning them on! Can't wait till I get a whole wedding party with them as it's no fun fumbling around at the church!)

1 comment:

Tracy Novick said...

Also may cut down on all of those "don't stab me" jokes!


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