Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Photo Shoot Flowers - A Collaboration

You might remember this teaser photo from a post a few months back. It stems from a collaboration I did with the creative team at eInvite stationary company. Photographer Adoniram Sides chose a selection of six Pantone colors for the backgrounds and asked me to make floral pieces to compliment them.

I've never done any work specifically for the camera, so I was completely fascinated to see how the photography process works. The way the camera "sees" the florals is also interesting, some things jumped out more than expected, some things receded, some colors made sense on paper so to speak, but not in front of the camera. Some things looked great in person, but crappy on the monitor. Some flowers had to be moved, some proportions were was work, even though we were having fun!

Here, photo assistant, Amy holds up color swatches in front of the floral display, so they can match the colors exactly on the computer. You florists all know when the color of a flower you're familiar with is just wrong in a photo - well this is how someone who isn't intimate with all of mother nature's variations can get the color correct.

Adoniram sets up a shot in front of the 2010 Pantone color of the year, turquoise! You've seen it every where, magazines, catalogs, blogs, well here it is with flowers from Sprout!

I had swatches of the six background colors and designed something for each one, but in person some of the florals looked better in front of colors different from the ones I had planned in my head. In particular, the "Amnesia" roses shown against the turquoise above, looked great in front of almost everything.

From 3D to 2D - it looks so different! And in a surreal disembodied kind of way, it doesn't feel like my work at all.

So what does this all have to do with stationary you may ask? Well, eInvite artist Michelle May has a few wedding invitation tricks up her sleeve that I will share with you over the next month or so, as she gets ready to head to the huge stationary show in NYC. Even I don't know exactly where the creative inspiration has taken her, but stay tuned!

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