Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How to Order Prom Flowers

1. Show us a picture of your dress. (promgirl.com)

2. Choose your bracelet.

3. Pick out some coordinating ribbon.

4. Select the flowers.

5. Add some bling!

6. Go from this...

7. ...to this!!!

The process for creating a prom bouquet is much the same as the wrist corsage, only no need to choose a bracelet.

Every prom order is one of a kind and custom made so your flowers are exactly what you want. Because everything is custom though, we hope you can get your order in at least a week before your prom, so we can source all the components in enough time.

Have fun, be creative, and let your flowers add to your one of a kind prom style!


flwrjane said...

My God, not only are you brilliant, but you are brilliant! How much do these creations cost?

Sprout said...

Wrist corsages on the beaded bracelets start at $35 with roses, orchids, or mini callas. Bling, 2010 charms, and some of the fancier bracelets are extra.

It was worth getting the bracelet stand to display all of the options, so much easier than pulling them one at a time out of a bin or drawer!


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