Thursday, March 18, 2010

Corporate Party - Rhapsody in Blue & Green & Purple

We did a great party recently for one of my favorite corporate clients. They use this royal/ cobalt blue a lot as it's "their" color, so we're always trying to come up with new looks that work with blue.

For this event, we decided to pull in an turquoise napkin - hey, it is the Pantone color of 2010! Even a staid corporation needs to stay up with trends from time to time. :-)

The pale blue ceramic cube subtly ties into the analogous color harmony - blue hyacinths, gray green acacia foliage, baby green hydrangea, purple anemones, purple Florigene carnations (yes, I snuck in carnations, but these are the BEST carnations!),and my new favorite berry - blackberries!

I don't know how this will look on your monitors, but the color is pretty accurate on mine with the purples actually looking purple which doesn't usually happen. This brown eyed girl can be blue, if I do it like this!

1 comment:

Janet said...

These centerpieces look really good on my screen too! ;)


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