Monday, February 22, 2010

Prom Flower Trends

I've been so busy for the past 3 weeks or so, I've fallen really behind on blogging, but will try to correct that in the next week or so!

I picked up some great new products for the prom season and can't wait to use them! Every year this stuff just gets better and better. There's fabulous rhinestone jewelry, including a necklace that will be amazing with a flower accent and in the wrist corsage category there's an awesome cuff and a spiral arm band.

No granny pantie elastic band wristlets here!

I'm also working on creating Prom Profiles to help you, or help your date, choose the flower accent that best suits your personality and style. I'm hopelessly not cool, but you can help me create the profiles by following the Sprout Facebook page and Sproutflowers Tweets.


INTRIGUE - floral design & decor said...

I love using cool wristlets. The granny panty bands shouled be retired.

Nichole Campbell said...

I've heard that new jewelry-related items were on the way from one of our wholesalers! Being in the middle of the country, it always seems to take a bit longer to get to us! We've been loving all of the much-improved wristlets, so it's nice to see them expand on things. It looks like the item on the right is the necklace you mentioned in your post-and is that a matching ring?

Sprout said...

We haven't used the granny panty elastics in years, always the beaded bracelets.

Yup, necklace and matching ring are on the right in the photo. I don't know if these will take off here in the Woo, as even though we
re relatively close to style centers, we are usually a few years behind in style acceptance. Not known for being early adopters!


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