Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mardi Gras Party Flowers

Couple quick shots here of an arrangement that my assistant, Francoise, did for a Mardi Gras party last week.

Funny delivery story - so I carefully packed the flowers in a milk crate, our standard thing for safely transporting something this size. I get to the party location, pull the milk crate towards the car door and unpack most of the stuffing around it so I can lift it out of the crate.

I lift the vase up out of the crate - and there's only half a vase! You see that nice flared pedestal bit at the bottom? Well, I guess the vase was made in 2 pieces and fused together. Or unfused in this case, as I definitely had 2 pieces of vase, and no broken glass.

So I had to quick, repack that guy up, and whiz back to the shop, and put the flowers in another vase. Stuff happens some times. You just have to be ready to act when it does.

Francoise had a fun time painting up these masks which were black to begin with, and I knew we'd find a use for those purple ostrich feathers!

1 comment:

flwrjane said...

Loving this! Gosh, you didn't even have the driver to holler at about the broken vase! This always happens here when the owner decides to help out and deliver. Nice to see you blogging again. Tho I'm happy folling away on FB.


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