Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Flora in Winter - Challenge Design Class

OK, I've been out straight this month, not the least of which included planning and doing many things for the Worcester Art Museum's Flora in Winter event. One thing I did this year which I haven't done before, was participate in the designers Challenge Class.

Four designers were given the same materials to work with and the same inspiration to work from. The materials are a complete surprise, although we were given a few minutes to look them over, and the inspiration was the architecture of the Renaissance Court area of the museum.

Here everyone is during the words of introduction, poised with those ginormous blocks of floral foam! Mental note - cut down all that foam as soon as they say - go!

We had plenty of time to work and they encouraged us to talk with the audience about techniques and what we were thinking about while we worked. I can tell you that we were all thinking - not enough greens! Although no one said it out loud. OK, the woman next to me said under her breath how she'd kill for a ti leaf, but I'm sure I'm the only one who heard her! That was the main challenge - how to hide all the foam with the limited materials.

Here you can see my final piece in front of the inspiring architecture.

The four pieces were as different as the designers who created them! It was so interesting to how 4 people with the exact same materials and inspiration will see and create so differently.

I have a reputation at the museum for being the abstract minimalist, so I'm sure it was no surprise my arrangement was the most spare. For interpreting an artwork, that seems to be the way I work best, paring down forms. Interestingly, that's not necessarily what you would automatically see coming from my shop, or what I might have at home.

Form. Texture. Line. Mass. Color.


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skowood said...

flowers and arches! You rock or should I say BLOOM?!


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