Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Centerpiece Prices

Followers of my blog, know that from time to time I price out centerpieces seen in bridal magazines, as a way of educating and informing the reader.

We always get a great response to those posts; people are often shocked at the cost of the things they see in those magazines. Magazine florals are created without a real person budget in mind, and are truly designed for the camera.

Well, since I know you all are out there pricing things on line, educated consumers that you are, I think this year, in addition to my pricing out magazine photos, I'm also going to give you some prices of centerpieces used in real Sprout events.

Please bear in mind, that prices will reflect what it would cost me to make the arrangements as I post, and may be more or less expensive than what the original client paid, sometimes because of seasonality, sometimes because I learned a thing or two since making the original, and some times because I had to substitute more expensive flowers than what was originally paid when quality was an issue.

So here we go!

Large centerpiece, red carnations, roses, ti leaves - $150 (exclusive of client's stand and photo set up)

Centerpiece featuring Dutch blue hydrangeas - $80.

Daffodil centerpiece - $45.

Cylinder vase with peonies, hydrangea, and gerbera - $130.

What do you think, is this helpful? Should I do a post like this again?


Amanda said...

YES! This is great...I really appreciate you putting things into perspective for us. Thanks

Thea, Rose of Sharon Event Florist said...

Absolutely! As a consumer, I like the information. As a florist, I love your willingness to share. (I may 'borrow' this idea, if you don't mind.)

Sprout said...

Thea - borrow away! I don't want to scare people by focusing by too much on prices, but an informed client can make realistic expectations. Don't forget, when the client is flexible, we can do things in all kinds of price ranges!

Liz said...

This is a great idea!! I may forward some of my clients to your blog! People just DO NOT realize the price of flowers!! Thank you for being so open and honest!

Ms.Crystal said...

The Black and White with the Red Carnations is BEAUTIFUL. WOW I am jealous and want that wedding tables.

Sprout said...

Crystal - Those black and white linens for a 50th birthday party were shipped in from another state -

I can barely look at their website without having fabric orgasms! I have major textile fantasies.

PS Like your new blog, (you seem to like it too at the rate you're posting lately!) but sorry I can't leave comments on it now. :-(


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