Monday, January 11, 2010

Wedding - Orchid and Kiwi

We had a HUGE wedding the Sunday after New Year's which we worked on while the shop was closed to the public. The week from Christmas to New Year's is generally dead unless someone books us for a big New Year's Eve event, so this way we got a few days off to enjoy the holidays (those of you in retail know how hard that can be when you're in the midst of the holidays), and then we had the peace and quiet of the closed shop to really focus and get things done.

Our bride had a very full gown with side swept ruching and needed a bouquet that would hold its own against all the fabric. We came up with a handtied cascading bouquet of just white amaryllis and white phalaenopsis orchids. Very simple with the flowers grouped, but full and dramatic. My two favorite elements are how phalaenopsis orchids flutter and bounce when used in a bouquet, they give some lovely feminine movement that so few flowers have. And I also loved how the white amaryllis had a pale green tinge inside their throats which subtly picked on the kiwi green tone used in the other florals.

Aren't phalaenopsis orchids just so girly and sexy?!

The maids' gowns were in the darkest eggplant purple, so to brighten things up we went predominantly with the kiwi green with touches of orchid. The green flowers feature cymbidium orchids and "Anastasia" mums and the orchid is brought out with, well, orchids! More of those awesome phalaenopsis!

One of the tiny pleasures I got out of making these bouquets is how the throats of the green cymbidium orchids have these violet freckles which play so nicely, but quietly, off the large purple orchids blossoms.

This wedding reception was held at beautiful, historic Mechanics Hall, one of the most acoustically perfect concert halls in the world. We love working there because it is such a beautiful space, but also because the hall staff is a pleasure to work with. You florists know what I'm talking about!

Half the tables had tall centerpieces and half had low and all had the same kiwi green and orchid color scheme.

Did I mention this was a big wedding?! This is a view of half of the head table - half!

The low centerpieces had orchids, green spider mums, green hydrangeas, and a few well placed tropical leaves. Eeek! As I look at that photo above, I'm hoping someone had the sense to move that candle under the flowers before they lit it. (flowers went down before candles did or I would have moved it) Folks, keep an eye on your candles! You don't want your centerpiece going up in flames.

You may have noticed a large size distinction between the tall centerpieces and the low centerpieces. This wedding had a lot going on the tables so the low arrangements had to much more compact than the tall ones. In fact, the caterer freaked out a little at the size of the arrangements, not knowing that there were two different sizes as we unpacked the tall ones first.

After hors d'oeuvres on a different floor, guests would be coming upstairs and starting their dinner off with an extra course of Greek mezze. So every place was set with - water glass, wine glass, toast glass, coffee cup and saucer, bread and butter plate, and mezze plate. Also going on the table were favors at every place (they were quite large), salt & pepper, sugar & cream, four candles, a basket for bread and a 13" platter for the mezze! These tables were FULL! You can see why it's not a silly question when your florist asks you what else is going on the table.

After the color scheme, this is where the design of the wedding began - with the cake. Our bride is studying architecture and found a picture of a very minimal architectural cake that she loved which the caterer was able to copy, I think exactly.

Phalaenopsis orchids were the minimal floral accent, although the original was in white, we used the purple. Once I saw the cake design, we had some direction for the rest of the flowers. Phalaenopsis where ever they would work, not too many varieties of flowers, and clean bright foliages. Mechanics Hall is a grand Victorian space, so a zen minimal thing might look silly, but I think we found a happy marriage between the building and the bride's style!

One last shot of the centerpieces. Someday I'll tell you all about the agony of putting them together, but today I can sit back and just appreciate them like I hope the guests did!


Janet said...

I *love* those tall centerpieces. I want to hear all about how you put those together!

Bree said...

love it, especially the bouquets and the freaking cake!

Sprout said...

The cake was so cool!

Some day I'll talk about the agony of getting these babies together. Really, nothing that florists don't go through all the time, just it all happened to this one event.

Might have to think long and hard before signing on to do an event New Year's week again...

Kelly.Andy.Wedding said...

This wedding was so beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing your blog. I'm planning my wedding for 9/8/12 and these are my colors. I have also been obsessed with orchids & love the green spider mums. Thanks again!


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