Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Holiday Party

Before we get too far into 2010, I have a few posts I want to make this week, wrapping up 2009, including this holiday party.

This was a corporate event held in an art gallery in a renovated mill building. This is for a regular client of mine who has certain preferences, which include an "earthy but elegant" style and a love for all things hydrangea, berry, and twig. We have a code, she and I, for what this is called, her name plus -"ism". Our own little shorthand. ;-)

For twigs, we used a manzanita branch crystal tree as the main feature of this display above.

The area around the crystal tree was accented with votives and vases filled with gel pearls and fresh white blossoms like these amaryllis...

...and white phalaenopsis orchids. Clean and simple and elegant!

Our centerpieces had my client's other two favorites - hydrangeas and berries. This was a holiday event, but it had an understated but seasonal color palette with the olive green crush linen, silver chivari chairs, and white flowers. Blooms of white hydrangeas and amaryllis, with silvery gray berzelia berries, gray kochia, and seasonal winter foliages in a silver crackle cube complete the look!


isabel said...

sprout hi finding my way to you and an old post of kuga go check my site out
and contact me probably not time to join us this time .JANUARY 21 WE MEET IN PARIS . and begin our 10 day programme
.but keep in touch all good design ideas to you

isabel gilbert palmer l

Sprout said...

isabel - Would LOVE to take a class in Europe, but would have to plan for a year for an expense that large. :-) Keep me in the loop for future classes!


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