Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Cost of Wedding Flowers - Centerpieces

Photo from Martha Stewart Weddings

Time for another price check!

The newest Martha Stewart Weddings is out
. Not too many centerpiece photos to chose from in this edition, but the peach and cream compote above is dreamy.

And it might well remain a dream! Why, you ask? Well, those "Sarah Holmes" garden roses (the cream 5 petaled rose) that take up fully half the visual volume of the centerpiece, are a climbing garden rose, the likes of which I've never seen as a cut flower for sale, so if you like them you might have to start growing your own.

I've also never run into the oak leaf hydrangea foliage featured here. Not saying it's unavailable, but I think the vendors in the Boston flower market have access to just about everything and this is not something I've come across.

Those things said, how am I going to price this out for you? I'm going to give the rambling "Sarah Holmes" roses the same price I would the other garden roses, and the oak leaf hydrangea foliage a price of somewhere between other fall foliages and hydrangea blossoms.

How much for this sweet peaches and cream confection?
Approximately $400.


flwrjane said...

Ha! Correct. Can't wait till the brides start dragging in the magazine.I have a wedding appointment in an hour, wonder if they'll bring it in!

Thea, Rose of Sharon Event Florist said...

Love this thread! This is great information for anyone planning an event.

Shannon said...

I remember when Martha used the Sara Holmes rose in a bouquet in the "weddings" book. It mentioned that the rose was grown in Martha's garden and the blooms croaked two hours after they were cut.

Hmmm... I don't think that rose would be a good choice for our Sacramento summer weather of 105 degree days. But hey- it is a dry heat! :)

Sprout said...

I really doubt that Sarah Holmes rose is commercially available - why show that to brides? It's a great big tease.

Shady Grove Gardens said...

We sell preserved Oak Leaf Hydrangea foliage for about $1 per stem.


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