Tuesday, December 1, 2009

FREE Christmas Wreaths!

So ever since reading Eloise at Christmastime as a child, I have had this fantasy of living in a city where all the businesses were decked out with wreaths for the holiday.

For the second year, instead of wishing it would happen, I have decided to make it happen!

If you have a business located in Worcester MA, we would like to give you a wreath! A nice green wreath with a big, fat, red bow - FREE!

All we ask is that you call or email the shop to reserve your wreath and leave us your business card when you pick it up.

Wreaths will be available for pick up from December 1 - 15.

We'd like to infect everyone with a little holiday cheer and goodwill and make this city the sparkling place of my childhood imagination!

Wreath hotline - 508-757-5300


Great flower lady said...

OH my I wish I lived near you.. What a nice gift for the town people~

skowood said...

I'm spreading the word on this!

Let me tell you - I THINK YOU ROCK!!! I've been following your blog for a year or so now and just love how much you get involved with people locally! It's inspiring!!!

I am a local jewelry artist who has been trying to get more involved locally too. Because of your blog I read about Simply Jess Jewelry and have got in touch with Jess to do a collaborative live of Eco-Jewelry to help with her fund-raising.



Sprout said...

Thanks guys!

GFL - steal this idea and make it your own for your town!

Heather - I remember when you first commented on my bog, so glad you're still there! And even happier that you've connected with Jess - woo! Eco-jewelry is an awesome angle, thank you so much for lending your expertise. :-)

flwrjane said...

indeed you do rock! your soul is as beautiful as your arrangements.

Angela Kusek-Schubert said...

I love this! I went to see a Christmas Carol in 3-D last night- huge nerd I know but all I could think was how I wished towns looked like that.
When I was little I wanted to shrink myself to live in my mom's Dicken's Village, it was so beautiful!

INTRIGUE - floral design & decor said...



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