Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Garland or Why Sprout is a Pansy

This is one of my vendors, Richie, making Christmas garland. He's smiling because he's hoping I won't post his picture on the blog - LOL! I tell him he'll look great in pixels. :-)

Personally, you can't pay me enough to make garland, especially Christmas garland. The laurel Richie is using here is just brutal on the hands; you can't really see it in the photo, but his hands are completely calloused over and embedded with grime. Never mind all the repetitive motion stuff and how much they will be aching.

Not for me.

I'm a pansy in the flower world.

Mind you, I'm not all about having a manicure, but I appreciate not bleeding into my work.

Richie is tough. (Trying to think of a tough plant here to extend the analogy, but it's late...) He was born into this and has been doing it all of his life. I imagine there are few folks coming into the field of floristry now who would be up for doing this kind of hand work. In fact, the next generation is coming up in his biz, but I don't see them making garland. It's the old timer's job and who knows for how much longer before the joints can't handle it any more.

Just a small sigh as I watch my industry change, evolve, mature...

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flwrjane said...

you're no pansy, pansy. i don't even like to wire wreaths. squeezing a lemon onto food this time of year is akin to being burned at the stake. p.s. i was checking your blog to see if my gnome had turned up here under a different name!


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