Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Flowers

Candy Cane - Santa gets funky with a bright arrangement in red and lime green, featuring ginger and roses. 24"h x 20"w
One size - $75

Sugar Cookie - Something sweet and frosty in shades of white and silver, tulips and hydrangea are the highlights. Large 13"h x 16"w, small 10"h x 12"w.
Large (shown) - $70
Small - $45

Fruit Cake - Rustic elegance in the classic shades of red and green, with pomegranates and roses. Large 18"h x 20"w, small 13"h x 15"w
Large (shown) - $100
Small - $60

Eggnog - A winter warmer in cream, white, and gold, with roses and hydrangea. Large 25"h x 22"w, small 21"h x 16"w
Large (shown) - $110
Small - $65

All sizes are approximate. Flower selections subject to availability.


flwrjane said...

an eggnog please, oh, and a couple of plum puddings. yum.

Sprout said...

Ha! I had one called Plum Pudding all designed in my head, but I never found a container I liked for it.

Janet said...

I love the Candy Cane and Eggnog arrangements!


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