Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Why It's Worth Going to the Flower Market

I think seeing this odd fuzzy fruit from the Netherlands would be enough of a reason to go to the flower market!

The size of a kiwi fruit, but lighter and springy like a "koosh" type ball, you aren't going to run into this at the local wholesaler. Nor would this be an easy sell over the phone. So many florists just pick up a phone and call in their flower orders.

Now, I'm not saying I have an immediate need for these guys, but by going to the flower market you can stumble upon something wild and unexpected that can excite the imagination and unleash your creativity even if you never choose to buy it.

What about these mini watermelons on the vine? They're only about the size of grapes! These were also spotted last week next to the curcumis above. Both are part of the squash family.

Now the fruit while really cool, didn't entice me to buy them. Sometimes you have to think about what you would do with something this unusual. But earlier this year I snapped up this yellow and gray verbascum - loved the fuzzy linty stems with its winking yellow flowers!

This tiny silvery sea creature-like flower is edelweiss, yes like from The Sound of Music. "Small and white, clean and bright" - but is this what you pictured?!

I would never have bought these hellebores over the phone - "Hi, I have this pale translucent greenish lavender flower with 5 petals and speckles - do you want some?" Probably not, but when I see it, when you see it, then you become inspired to see how you can feature its delicate beauty.

A spring tulip that looks like fall leaves? Another hard sell, until you see it.

And what of this tropical flower? Looks like branch coral, doesn't it?! I've only seen it the one time and never again! If I didn't go to the flower market the week they had this, you and I would never have known about it. That would have been a shame.

The only way to find what is truly special and unique in the flower world is to go to the flower market. Makes getting up at 4:00 am worth while!

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Angela Kusek-Schubert said...

Swoon! Those tulips are amazing! We had actually grew the ornamental squash this year in our garden. It had the adorable fuzzy ones and then some really mean pokey guys too. We ordered the "ornamental gourd" seed packet because they last for months indoors. It climbed our archway and had a really cool effect.

We ended up using most of them in Halloween and Thanksgiving centerpieces by poking them in wooden dowels.
I wish our flower market was as exciting as yours!


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