Wednesday, November 4, 2009

One Potato, Two Potato

Cleaned out our storefront planters today with the invaluable help of Husband (there was a lot of heavy lifting with hundreds of pounds of soil and gravel to keep the planters from being stolen), and found this fascinating sweet potato tuber!

I can't tell if it's one potato grown in a knot, or two potatoes grown around each other! We've been planting sweet potatoes for years out front and have never run into one that looked less like a potato.

You can say goodbye to two of our planters, as we trashed the ones that were destroyed by the ungrateful who live in my neighborhood. When planning your urban garden, I do not recommend zinc planters - far too crushable, and they become dangerous with the jagged metal edges vandals create.

Next year - fiberglass! And definitely more sweet potatoes!!


SFD said...

That is amazing. Who knew such plants were lurking on the corner of June and Chandler?


Sprout said...

Seriously! You really don't know what's lurking in the 'hood!


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