Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm a Celebrity Jewelry Designer!

The daughter of one of Husband's oldest friends is raising funds for her People To People ambassadorship by creating and selling jewelry and asked me to be a "celebrity" jewelry designer.

To see the work in progress click here and to learn more about Jess and the People To People program click here.

Jess and I hit it off over all things crafty a couple years ago, when we discovered our mutual talent for doing gimp! (I have many super secret summer camp craft skills thanks to four years of daycamp. If you need help with god's eyes, gimp, or macrame, I'm your girl!)

I have to say I was quite honored to be asked to collaborate with Jess on some jewelry designs and I hope she gets a big turnout at Shrewsbury's Oak Middle School's Holiday Shopping Night this Thursday, November 19th.

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Ruby Watts said...

Thank you for coming to the Oak Middle School Shopping Night. You have great taste in colors and textures. Your Frost collection is just beautiful. Thank you for being a celebrity designer and marketer for my work.

Simply Jess


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