Friday, November 13, 2009

The Great $50 Centerpiece Challenge!

I have not forgotten about my suggestion that we do a $50 centerpiece challenge and you all have not forgotten either!

Let's put our heads together and get some suggestions going about how this should go. I haven't done any kind of a contest before, so I'm open to suggestions.

I know of prime importance to me will be the "show your math" part. There needs to be some kind of accounting for the money spent, including labor. Do we want retail figures or wholesale?

What kind of time frame do we want to do this in? Get it done before the holidays or wait till after? How long should the contest be open for - a week, a month?

How to pick the winner - blog readers' choice? Do we need to engage an impartial judge?

I'm assuming wedding centerpieces, but do we want it to be any type of centerpiece?

A prize?! We should probably have a prize, right?!

Couple more thoughts - Can Sprout participate? Should there only be one entry per person?

And who knows Martha Stewart well enough to ask her to participate?!

Any other thoughts? Put them in the comments and we'll get this ball rolling!


Great flower lady said...

I think its a great idea~ here are my suggestions. ANYONE can enter, but only one center pc. it should be wedding related. and maybe a week or 10 days at the max. Have blog readers vote. and prizes well just saying your the winner is nice.. anyways let me know and I will pass the word on and lets see how many entry's you can GET!

Angela Kusek-Schubert said...

I called Martha this morning and she's in! ;)
I'm thinking retail prices...
Blog readers choice...
Before the holidays...
Sprout HAS to participate!

Do we have to account for our vessel or not??? hmmm

Bree said...

count me in!

My two cents;

centerpeice(wedding or event)
retail prices(formula provided please, no "well I grew this flower and it's free so I threw it in....")
one entry per person/studio
blog readers choice
before the holidays
of course you are in Sprout
I would like a prize...that would be nice...hell I'll take a spool of pretty ribbon at this point...

Kuga Designs

Janet said...

Yeah! I'm in!

Retail prices

before the holidays, but for at least a month, so that everyone has a chance to submit

readers choice

any kind of centerpiece

prize not necessary

Sprout must participate.


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