Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cirque du Noir II - 2009

Here a few not very good pictures from this year's Cirque du Noir event! I was so busy and didn't really concentrate much on taking photos, so please forgive the quality.

First a quick look at folks making stuff at our Cirque workshop - fun with 6 types of adhesive!

A sweet surprise - our "dark" candy bar set up at Bocado! Finding black candy that wasn't only all licorice and chocolate was a bit of a challenge.

Tina the tree lady rocks the gilded twig and spangled birch bark tiara and necklace she made at the workshop!

Another creative headpiece by a workshop attendee. :-)

And finally, my horribly blurry pic of the constantly moving Andreea wearing the leaf mohawk I created for her!

To see far better pictures than the ones I took, check out the following link at Festival Creative.


Michelle May said...

sooooooo much fun cathy! you are extraordinary. thank you so much for your vibe and your constant wild initiative. ~michelle

Cindy Woehrle said...

Looks like I was very serious about those shoes! The arrangement is still alive, just not adoring my Rocket Dogs anymore. :) thanks again for a fun afternoon

Sprout said...

Glad you all enjoyed yourselves! Everyone's pic was terrible Cindy, I wasn't concentrating. If you think you look serious in this, you should see the other one - NOT!

Angela Kusek-Schubert said...

Love the hawk!


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