Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Bride in Black - Halloween Wedding

We had a Halloween wedding last week, a first for me. Our bride was wearing black, along with the rest of the wedding party. She was pretty sure about what she wanted for flowers, black mini callas and green mums, but was a wee bit hesitant because she hadn't been able to see the two flowers together.

My dumb luck that I had both of those flowers in the day of her consultation! I had no idea that her dream bouquet was those specific flowers, so it was pretty cool that we were able to show them to her. A lot of people have trouble visualizing their flowers and it's tough for florists to have every possible combination in stock the day of your consultation, but if we know your color scheme in advance, we can try to have a few stems to show you.

Any how, 'Schwartswalder' mini callas with 'Anastasia' mums and a few black ti leaf loops to hide the ugly mum stems. Our bride definitely wanted to rock the Halloween, but without going too over the top and into camp. It's still a wedding after all and with Higgins Armory as the setting, it would have been easy to get carried away, but she reined in the high contrast color palette by only using two types of flowers.

Now I'm no photographer, and getting good pics of the black and lime green combo was not very easy, so I tried it on different background colors to see if dark was better than light. Not sure I'm crazy about either, but I share them both with you!

The maids continued the black and lime color scheme with the mums and the darkest purple Florigene carnations.

Notice how much more purple they look against the darker background.

Mini calla boutonnieres for all the men - the groom in black. We used grevillea and dusty miller foliages and a touch of purple and silver wire on the stems.

Green and purple dendrobium orchid corsages for the moms.

And yes - the black dress! I was really hoping to see my bride all dressed up, but at about 1 hour before show time, she had yet to arrive, so I hope she sends me some pics to share!


Flower Design Jane said...

I'm seriously loving your work my friend, the corsage work is exquisite. I'd love to have seen her carrying the bouquet

alicia.. said...

Love the bouquets, gorgeous colors!

Great flower lady said...

OH I just love those bouquets, well it all is VERY nice~

Christina Rodrigues said...

oooo cool halloween bouquets!

skowood said...

Mmmmmm Halloween flowers LOVE IT!!

Sprout said...

Thanks all! I hope the bride sends me a pic with her holding the flowers. :-)


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